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DISTRICT 60 (South Cedar Falls, West Waterloo, Hudson)

Who is Ryan?

Ryan Howard was born and raised in Waterloo and and has lived in the Cedar Valley nearly all his life. He has actively served our community as an award-winning volunteer for the last 12 years.

Ryan works for John Deere where he evaluates new suppliers and help businesses improve their business operations.

Ryan lives in Cedar Falls with his wife, Bruna.

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Ryan Howard speaks with Jeff Stein on KXEL 1540 Live & Local

Ryan Howard speaks with Simon Conway on NEWSRADIO 1040 WHO

Charisma Magazine Article Featuring Ryan's Interview

Click below to read the article featuring Ryan’s interview, by Steve Strang, Founder & CEO of Charisma Media

Click below to listen to Ryan's interview with Charisma Magazine


Removing Barriers

There is so much potential in our community, but there are barriers holding us back. We have a child care crisis, workforce shortages and high taxes. We need someone in office who will work to remove these barriers so we can LET IOWA THRIVE. 

Protecting Rights

Iowa should be leading our nation in conservative values. Iowa must protect the constitutional right to life of unborn babies, our right to bear arms, and our freedom of speech and religion.

A Time for Action

Now is the time to take action.

We can’t sit back and relax while our communities suffer and our rights are taken away. We need leadership that understands the issues and will take action

We need to elect someone to represent us who is a leader and a problem solver. Ryan Howard the right choice for the job.

You can get in CONTACT with us, make a CONTRIBUTION and VOLUNTEER your time. We need your support for Ryan Howard for Iowa to make sure our community has the right leadership at the Capitol.

Countdown Has Begun!

Vote for Ryan Howard on November 3

General Election day:
November 3, 2020

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Ryan Howard for Iowa